Saturday, April 23, 2011


On my mind lately has been change. I'm not saying that I've been changing my mind, I'm thinking of the concept of change in a whole. You hear people talk about how we need to change as a city, a nation, or the entire world but what good does it do to simply make the statement(which in my mind is more of a undermined suggestion), but really what we need is to find someone that is willing to make this happen. I'm not talking about Obama, here. I'm saying someone who really wants to do something to change the world. Everybody talks about it, but how many people fully comprehend what they're talking about? I'd say that the world needs someone to do something about this, but that person should do so with the power of suggestion and has the influence to have someone listen to them.
The concept I'm trying to get across is similar to how our nation is set up but an updated, more intact version. We have a president who uses suggestion to set the underlying branches of the government to enforce change. That started with similar intent to mine but it later grew to corrupt itself because of the power it holds.
Imagine if we had someone that could gain influence over a large enough group to set things straight for everybody as a whole, but with good enough intentions that it would make sense to follow them. Imagine seeing a society keen enough that if you looked outside of your window, you could see people being friendly enough to one-another to actually work together and offer help. A good attitude could be infectious enough to spread and make a similar effect, but that fades out as it passes through other people.
Jesus being another example(not implying that I'm religious, just using examples). One man with a core group of followers that he had enough influence over that they spread a peaceful change with good intent for the world as a whole. One man, real or not, had enough impact to change people's lives to this very day. The idea of Jesus is infectious and worked for the benefit of all.
Hitler being yet another example. He used influence for everything he did, he just did so with intentions that were only good for those who would follow him. He did, however, raise enough of a following to change the entire world.
I'd appreciate it if someone would step up and take this position. It just takes the right platform. Not to be too straightforward, but to work your way to the top fast enough to make that change happen yourself. Gather a following, a vast following and keep control of it by sticking to your original purpose. Any flaws you make would be enough to push you from atop the lead, in which case your following could self-manage. It's a simple, yet nearly impossible concept to work at. I just know that at least someone out there would be able to do this.


  1. well I don't know how is this possible but I changed too :D

  2. I like that you clarified that you weren't talking about Obama. After reading those first few lines I was almost sure you were ha

  3. There are organisations that try to change people... to think it's good or bad is everyones own opinion

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